Sunday, June 23, 2013

Now that our house is becoming more of a reality, I've begun to pull some decor together to put things in motion.  I plan to shift some things around in our new house and find a new location for certain items.  I anticipate the house and roof will be done by this week and then wiring and insulation will begin.  I'm scheduled to speak with the IT guy doing the wiring so I can map out how I want our home wired for entertainment, security, internet and monitoring.  We plan to go with Verizon Fios for our phone, tv and internet needs and we sure do have a lot of them! Every room has some gadget that requires internet nowadays. Televisions, game consoles, computer, phones, programmable thermostat, home monitoring system, refrigerators! Gosh! I definitely want several lines run to just about all the rooms.  This should be interesting... In the mean time, I've been coming across some really good yard sale finds and online deals so I plan to start posting those things as well!
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