Friday, July 26, 2013

Doing the usual drive by and what to my surprise but our house is now our official color!! We chose Virtual Taupe, brought to us by Sherwin Williams.  I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the front door color of red but I suppose that is something we can change once we move in. I missed having my previous red door but I think it will be okay to let it go... Time for us to enter a new era of things, that including a different front door color.  I have already imagined - nice new shutters (yes, our house doesn't come with shutters but I think they will give the exterior some character), new front and garage doors. Those upgrades are a little ways out. Let's just focus on getting into the house first!

The back of the house looks great!!! We've got all the window measurements down so now it is time to start shopping for window treatments.  With 30+ windows to get window coverings for I'm trying to pace myself and get quality treatments.  I'm welcoming suggestions!!!

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