Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So we ratified our contract April 17th. Permit went up May 10th and foundation digging May 28! The other house behind us has their foundation prepped as well. I had a chance to walk around the lot and with the house dug out it actually takes up way more of the lot than I originally imagined. With a little shy of 1/2 acre, after the house is built I suspect we will only have to worry about cutting 1/4 of it which is fine. Maybe even less once we add the shed and they pour the patio? Either way its cool. I'm excited to see some action on our lot and I'm done peeping at the neighbor's place. Can't wait to see how ours looks — reversed with additional sunroom! I called DH to let him know and he's happy. That gave him the strength to get thru the shift tonight... Guess it's going to be a long one... I told myself I wouldn't go back to look at things until Friday. Let's hope we can fight the urge. DD gets excited to go see the progress which doesn't help lol. I'm glad I'm not alone... Can't wait to get out of our teeny apt. We hear and smell everyone's tv/music and food. Ugh!!!!

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