Sunday, May 26, 2013

I wish I could say they've started the foundation but as of yesterday - our lot was looking pretty level and untouched... I'm starting to notice a trend in Chesapeake from the time the permit goes up to the time ground breaks is usually 3-4 weeks. I could be wrong with how the inspectors operate but I may be right.  In other news - they wanted an exorbant amount of money for the changes I requested. No thanks! I would've like the changes to be done but I'm fine with doing work myself.  Each change was had a change fee associated with it on top of the cost for the additional granite and cost for materials. It is really important to make sure you get the house the way you want it in that first 2 weeks because after that - be prepared to potentially be charged an A&L for add-ons.  If you're an area where you have flexibility - great! Not so much here in Southern VA...  I look forward to blogging about my changes and upgrades I do on my own! I can't wait!!!
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