Friday, May 17, 2013

So clearly I forgot to post the last post on Wednesday... Oh well no biggie! Since then — building permit was put on lot with our exceptions. I would post the front of the permit but well... It's got our addy on it and well... That's not for the world to see. Now that we are in the apartment I can focus on preparing for the home. Many of our neighbors opted for having fences immediately installed by the recommended companies but with us being on the lake I think I'm fine with not being in a barricaded environment. Most have 6' tall fences and personally I just don't get it... Maybe because I'm from the city but I love my home and hope to have enjoyable neighbors just as I've just left. A shorter fence is fine and doesn't take away from the house. Actually, I'm thinking about shrubbery to act as fencing... That's not rush... In the interim, finding the right blinds are top priority for me! Plantation vs mini? Plantations are nice and at our old home I bought a few at a time. They're pricey but the look is absolutely gorgeous. The home in the neighborhood has them and although they spent over 2k to get them, it was a nice investment! We won't be doing that but I look forward to mixing and matching my treatments.

Still waiting to hear whether the changes we requested can be accommodated. Not sure what the delay is... And we requested blueprints. I encourage everyone to ask for those upfront if you're the least bit interested in room dimensions and properly organizing your room. We didn't get printed plans but instead we got the basic floor plan with handwritten room dimensions. I'm not crazy about that but it does give me a rough estimate of what to expect wall to wall. Going to go by evening. DD is so excited about another new room. She loves this apartment and how close we are. Lol when she found out she would be getting another new room she was soooo excited! DS is just a toddler so he's not the least bit interested. He won't remember ever living anywhere but HOME... Gosh I can't wait!!

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