Saturday, April 6, 2013

So my DH and I decided it was time to move. After 4 years in our and 2 kids later we just would like to have a little more space. Don't get me wrong - our house is great that we have now, we've done wonderful upgrades and love our home but we just want to make sure that as our kids get older we don't all go crazy!  With that said - after visiting several homesites we've decided Culpepper Landing in Chesapeake, Virginia would be the most formidable option.  Our 2nd runner up was Crystal Lake South, another Ryan developed community.  We decided against Crystal Lake South because it was much smaller, the homes are isolated between several industrial areas and we wanted to have community amenities that they don't not offer at CLS.  Nonetheless if you like seclusion, manmade lakes and plan to provide your own outdoor pool and travel elsewhere to jog and walk then this community is great for you!  DH are going today with our Realtor.  Yes, we decided to use our realtor during this process.  I've read my buyers that take the venture alone and some that opt for their own agent.  Personally, I'm sure I am capable of walking into their and negotiating just as well as any seasoned realtor but I don't have the time!  My realtor is a wonderful lady and if she doesn't mind I will provide her information later!

Oh and we haven't put our current house on the market yet. We are aiming next week once all pics have been taken! I hope it sells quickly so we can be up and out and on our way to our Ravenna!
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