Saturday, April 6, 2013

So we just got back from visiting with the Sales Rep at Culpepper.  My agent was able to make it and it took us like 4 hours!!! If you plan to go to a sales office, be prepared to be there a while.  Between the baby crying (we couldn't get a babysitter) and random foot traffic, we had to keep stopping.  With only one sales rep there today it was pretty hectic.  I made sure I had my list of questions and options prepared before I came and after she was done with the basics I went over all of my questions and concerns.  DH was great! He managed the kids while I got the much needed questions answered.  I really hope Ryan Homes will turn out to be the right choice for us... While we were there the lady from Crystal Lake South called looking to see if we were interested in her offers.  DH answered and idk what happened from there!! I'm really glad she called because the sales associate looked a little worried and asked us were we going to go there after seeing her. Hahaha! After 4 hours of DD and DS acting crazy - it was time to come home to crash!  We have our cost estimate in hand and are trying to narrow down the extras.  So far we have:

Downstairs bedroom w/ shower additional $1500+ $6000 for room
Hardwood 1st floor $8000+
Fireplace $3600
Extra windows $990
Bonus Bedroom $14000+
Free Morning Room (yay!)
Free Granite in Kitchen

and that's just to name a few.  I don't think I can part with the extra bedrooms but that hardwood flooring is astronomical! Does it really cost that much? And that's the cheap stuff! Maybe we can get it installed cheaper later on?  It would definitely save us some money because Ryan is only offering $2500 in closing cost. I'm just not thrilled. Not to mention the neighbor who will be next door to the lot we want, happened to show up today.  He's been presold since December and was told his house would be ready by July.  I should've taken pics.  They still haven't graded the lots and we have a lake behind our lots that has flooded his lot. Glad we haven't sold our house yet...

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